Grand Blanc MI Wedding Photography

Grand Blanc MI wedding Photography at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church.  We started our day at the church where I shot the girls doing their pre-ceremony thing.  We had enough time to get outside for some bridal portraits and then get the bride back in before guest started arriving.  We then got the guys out for their shots with the groom who is active Army.  

The ceremony was wonderful and the interior of the church is clean and modern.  After the family formals we got the bridal party out back of the church for some fun bridal party shots.

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church

Ann Arbor Wedding Photography

Ann Arbor Wedding Photography on a summer day.  This wedding started at Bethlehem Church of Christ in downtown Ann Arbor.  The Groom and groomsmen and Bride and bridesmaids all got ready at the church.  I had time to do individual portrait of each member of the bridal party and then some group shots outside.  The ceremony was very nice and the interior of the church is beautiful.  We stayed after and shot family formals and bridal party inside the church and then went outside for more bridal party and romantics of the bride and groom.

We then left for Shriners Silver Garden Event Center in Southfield, MI for the reception.  The bride and groom had their table on the stage and the rest of the party and guests were seated at tables on the main floor.  We later made time for some more bridal portraits before dinner.

Bethlehem Church of Christ downtown Ann Arbor

Shriners Silver Garden Event Center

Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photography on a summer day.  I was lucky enough to photograph this Indian wedding at Bharatiya Temple in Troy MI.  This was my first experience with a ceremony with this culture and I really enjoyed it.  If you ever get a chance, I recommend you fully participate.

The day started with the groom arriving in his car, the family gathering around him and with much celebration and activity they walked to the gate that leads to the covered path that leads to the temple.  we stopped at the gate and there was a small ceremony with family and food.  they them proceeded down the path with much celebration into the temple.

A bit later comes the bride.  There was even more celebration and activity as she was guided through the temple to the room where the ceremony was being held.  The ceremony was a wonderful event with the priest guiding the participants through many activities.  Near as I can tell just about all of the immediate family had a direct experience in the ceremony some time.  The groom’s sister was my cultural guide for the ceremony.  She kept me aware of the important and upcoming parts of the day.  My experience for wedding ceremonies has been that the photographer stays out of the way.  That is certainly not the case for these ceremonies.  The sister had me right up next to the bride and groom sticking my camera right in the mix very often.

After the ceremony we did the traditional family shots.  It must be very important for all the guests to get a shot with the bride and groom because I think I must have shot every variation of couple and family.  After the ceremony everyone went to a local restaurant for the reception and dinner.

Bharatiya Temple


Lakefront Wedding Photography

Lakefront Wedding Photography on a beautiful summer day in a backyard on Upper Straights Lake in West Bloomfield, MI.  This is a very small family only wedding on a great summer day.  The wedding was attended by the couple, very close family, the preacher, me and a couple pets.  I had a bit of time for bridal portraits, shots of the groom, family groups and some details.  The ceremony was very nice and the groom even sang a couple songs to his bride.  After the ceremony we did a few more family shots and took the couple on to the dock for some very bright, straight up sun bridal pictures.  We all had a drink and the family went to a local restaurant to finish the celebration

Detroit wedding photography

A wonderful summer wedding. We started the day at the bride’s brother’s house where the bride and bridesmaids all got their hair and makeup done.  My associate photographer met the guys at the groom’s house and did the typical pre-ceremony shots there.  The ceremony was the the beautiful and majestic St Paul Catholic Church in Grosse Pointe Farms.  After the ceremony the couple made time to go to a handful of locations before heading to the reception.  We started at the DIA, Detroit Institute of Arts where we went to the east side and shot the bridal party on the steps.  We then photographed the bride and groom together on the steps and at the gold doors.  We had time for a nice relaxed session and I got some portraits of just the bride and some of the details.  I Have a favorite area of the old warehouse district east of downtown where we found an old building painted red with concrete pillars and old garage doors.  The wedding party were fantastic to work with and is seemed all had fun.  From Detroit we went to the reception location, MacRay in Harrison Township, MI.  We had a little bit of time before the reception where we took the bridal party to the lakefront for some final group shots.  The upstairs room at MacRay was decorated beautifully and the Daddy daughter dance was a touching moment.

St Paul Catholic Church, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

MacRay Banquet Center

Hot Summer wedding photography at a Coldwater area island

Wedding photography of  a wonderful wedding at a very unusual venue.  It must have been the hottest most humid day of the year.  Hats off to the wedding couple and bridal party they were up for everything the couple and I asked them to do, sweating along the way.

The venue is a private island outside of Coldwater MI and is a really nice place for a ceremony and reception.  Our day started with photographing the many unique decorations and preparations the couple and friends had made.  The bride got ready in a small gazebo with curtains.  The ceremony was in front of a large vine covered gazebo with guests sitting in chairs in the sun.  Three of the couple’s nephews did a cool flower pedal, sunglasses,  flipping dollar bills, high fives skit, many laughs. We moved the formals, family shots, to the shade of the island’s largest maple tree and then took the bridal party from the shade to a small bridge.  I discovered a technique to get my camera way up on a light stand and fire it remotely.  Not great enlightenment, just something I have put together before.  We continued the romantics and wedding portraits in the shade of the big gazebo, shade of the big maple tree, out in the bright sun at the edge of the pond, back into the shade of a dramatic cottonwood.

The reception started at the tent for eats, the couple then moved to the big gazebo for their first dance and back to the tent for the rest of the reception.  I got the couple out a bit too long after sunset, the light levels were really low and had to ramp up the ISO.  We shot on the dock, at the hanging swing and under a lakeside tree.

A wonderful wedding for a very happy couple.  Glad to be a part of their special day. Another example of Fine Wedding Photography.

The venue –


Lake Orion Wedding Photography

Images from a May wedding at King’s Court Castle in Lake Orion MI.  The bride started her day with me in the room at the back of the Chapel/Barn.  We were able to get outside for some pre-ceremony photographs and the girls had a drink at the bar.  The ceremony was held in the Chapel, a former barn with a great stained glass window behind the alter.  I was able to place two remote cameras, one behind the alter and one at the rear in the balcony.  After the ceremony and formal shots we went out to the grounds for Bridal Party photography and Romantics of the bride and groom.  The reception was in the south upstairs room.  After sunset we got outside for one more Romantic.


Summer wedding at Southfield Town Center Westin

Kelly and Tim had a wonderful wedding in the atrium at Southfield Town Center. The girls got ready up in a suite at the Westin with a great view over the city.  We had plenty of time to photograph the girls and guys (separately) and then some bridal portraits.   The ceremony was in the atrium after Dad walked Kelly down the stairs and up the aisle.  After the ceremony we shot the family formals in front of the arch.  While we were out photographing the Bridal Party and Romantics, the wonderful people from the Westin made the atrium ready for the reception.  The tables were up on set of stairs and the dance floor is lower on the brick paver area, surrounded by all the greenery.  At the end of the night we went out to the parking lot and used the Southfield sunset as a romantic background.

Monday military wedding

I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of a military couple this Monday.  Yes, Monday.  Annie and Keith had planned to get married this summer and had plans cleared. In mid December Annie got notice that she will be deployed in early January, really kinda messing up the wedding plans.  Annie’s aunt happened to mention the family dilemma to Cheryl Steinhurst when she was in Cheryl restaurant.  Cheryl quickly came up with the idea to reach out to the wedding professional community to see if there were any that would donate services for a hurry up and plan wedding in a couple weeks.

I saw Scott Fader’s request in a Facebook link through my friend Jon Devine and immediately responded.  I was able to bring along my friend Rocky Shattuck to shoot video.

The wedding was Monday 12/28/15 at St Andrews in Rochester and the reception was at Steiny’s Restaurant and Banquet Hall.

All those that were able to help:

Cheryl Steinhurst – Steiny’s Restaurant and Banquet Hall –– Reception hall, food, champagne

Scott Fader – Michigan Event Services – – Photo booth & DJ

Mark Kelly – You Bet I Do Photography – – Photography

Rocky Shattuck – RDS Films – – Videography

Heidi Kehl – Cakes and More – – Cakes

Lynn Wilhelm Shelby Community Foundation – Flowers

Janine Brown – Premier Sales and Marketing – – Banner

Sue Jarvis – Aristocat Chauffeured Transportation Inc. – – Limo

Lisa Isenmann – MIE Salon – – Hair styling

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