A beautiful day for a wedding at Cafe Cortina in Farmington Hills, MI  The ceremony was in the back room with the row of windows behind her father’s home made arbor.

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Emulsion Lift Engagement and Bridal Gifts

I went old school and dragged out the Polaroid Spectra this year.  Towards the end of the summer I brought the Polaroid to a few sessions, shot some images (with limited success) and lifted the emulsion to paper (with limited success).  The result, I think, is very pleasing.  What the couples got was an original piece of art, small, fragile and timeless.  More old school film projects to come in 2014.

All of the couples received a matted image this holiday season.




Jennifer & Matthew

Jennifer and Matthew had their ceremony at White House Chapel in Warren.  As always White House runs a great wedding.  We shot around the chapel and then went to the reception venue River Crest in Rochester.





Allison and Andrew got married

Allison and Andrew had a beautiful day for their wedding.  The ceremony and reception were at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Novi and we went to Heritage Park in Farmington Hills for the fun shots.



Detroit and Zuccaro’s wedding

Roxann and Scott got married this last weekend on a chilly April day.  We started at Harmony Park, went to Comerica Park and then down Brush Street in downtown Detroit.  The ceremony and reception was at Zuccaro’s in Chesterfield, MI.