How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Choosing the best wedding photographer for you is one of your most important decisions. The wedding photographer is one of the key parts of the wedding day and is probably the primary source for remembering you wedding in the future. Experienced wedding photographers can even help you plan your day most efficiently.

The four parts of choosing your photographer are Images, Professional, Budget and Personality.


Do you like the look of their images? For most people, the quality of the wedding images are very important, for some, just recording the event is enough. Look through the prospective photographer’s work. The website is a good place to start, that is where a photographer puts only the best images from their best weddings. Look at the albums of past weddings, and even ask to see some recent complete weddings.


Is your photographer a professional? Photographers get one chance to capture a wedding. Are they ready for the day? Are they ready when things go wrong? It is not if equipment will break it is when. While you may not need to know exactly which camera the photographer uses, it is good to know that they have backups. What if the church is very dark, or it rains. A professional photographer has the equipment and experience to deal with changes.


Is the photographer’s offer within your budget? Photography is a creative service and is difficult to price, so pricing varies widely. A national industry standard is photography is 15% to 20% of the wedding budget. Ask what is included in the offer and what is an additional cost. Get it in writing. Is there a limited amount of hours, how much is additional hours, engagement session included, proof books, online ordering, reproduction rights/DVD, album, additional photographer, additional prints. Another consideration is when you will see your images and prints.


Can you see yourself spending the majority of one of your most important days with this person? At least have an extended conversation with your photographer. Better yet meet them. An engagement session is a great time to work together and get to know each other.