The Wedding Day Photography Planning Conversation Part 3 – Pretty Pictures

One of the last major parts of the planning conversation is a discussion about your most important images and the kinds and style of images you like.  The day can be broken down into the follow photography groups.  Pre – ceremony, Ceremony, Formals, Bridal Party, Romantics and Reception.  In previous and following posts I have discussed the shot list for a few of the groups above.  This post refers primarily to the Bridal Party and Romantics.  Some of the conversation covers the Pre-ceremong and dancing photos.

Bridal Party photography is the group of shots, almost alway informal, of most of the bridal party.  This often involves trips on party buses and is not often suitable for the little people.  I plan to get at least 2 group shots.  I look for situation where the group is spread out all standing at the same level and then move the couple in and out.  I also look for a situation where there is some elevation change and I can stack people vertically, church step, stone walls and hills are some examples.  Time and situation permitting I do addition shot of guys the guys and then shots of just the girls.  I alway ask the party to get into amore relaxed pose.  The guys can have their jackets open or off, the girls may be holding the flowers down and there is a lot of leaning and some sitting.

Romantics are the group of shot of just the bride and groom.  We will have discussed images for an album cover and the cover often comes for these shots.  I look for situations where the lighting, location and background are all pleasing and complementary to the couple.  I then shoot from close up to far away when ever possible.

During our planning conversation I ask the couple about their thought and wished for these shots.  I find a Pinterest board or a PDF of favorite shots clearly indicate what the couple wants.  When looking at the shots I ask which are must haves and which shots would be nice to have.  I also ask what specifically the couple likes about particular shots.  It might be the pose, the way he is looking at her, the depth of field, the lighting or any other aspect of the shot.  I won’t claim to try and duplicate a shot but will use the shot as inspiration for our own version.

I will also ask what are the most important shot(s) of the day.  Some couple don’t know or have not come up with anything yet.  No problem.  Let me know when you do and if you don’t have any preconceived ideas, I have plenty to get us through the day.

I should also address here the typical shots conversation.  It is way better to discuss all the shots you want with you photographer before, than to receive all your photography and realize you are missing shots important to you.  I have shot hundreds of weddings and I’m familiar with what most couple want, but I don’t know for sure the shots YOU want.  There is no conversation too detailed if it ensures you are getting all you want and expect in wedding photography.