Why Should We Take Engagement Photos?

There are many reasons to take engagement photos. You most likely have never had professional photos together and it is a great opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other along with the benefits below.

fall engagement session

Get to know your photographer – On the wedding day one of the most important things for a photographer is to capture natural, loving and sincere expressions, moods and situations of the couple.  The time spent during the engagement session greatly help both the photographer and couple work together a bit, get to know each other some and help get the most genuine photos on what can be a hectic day.

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Help you choose your photographer
– If you are unsure about using your photographer for the wedding, an engagement session will give you the chance to try and see if you click with the photographer and like the images.  You can often book the engagement session only and then roll it into a full package if you like the photographer.  If the situation doesn’t work, you are out a few dollars and a couple hours.  Better to know sooner than on the wedding day.

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See images of you before the wedding day – Getting engagement shots will allow you to review how you as a couple photograph.  You can review the images with your photographer and plan for poses and situations where you look your best and also discuss and avoid situations where you think you could look better.

Harley motorcycle engagement photography

All the things you can do with the images – Depending on the use rights you and your photographer agree on (be sure you know ahead of time what rights you have), there are a variety of things to do with the images. Post them on social media, post to your wedding website, send to your local paper for an announcement, gifts to family, make fun reception center pieces, use in the wedding program, make save the date cards or reminder magnets and use as a “Well Wishing” sign in book at the reception.  I almost alway have a wedding day surprise for the couple from engagement images.

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