Hot Summer wedding photography at a Coldwater area island

Wedding photography of  a wonderful wedding at a very unusual venue.  It must have been the hottest most humid day of the year.  Hats off to the wedding couple and bridal party they were up for everything the couple and I asked them to do, sweating along the way.

The venue is a private island outside of Coldwater MI and is a really nice place for a ceremony and reception.  Our day started with photographing the many unique decorations and preparations the couple and friends had made.  The bride got ready in a small gazebo with curtains.  The ceremony was in front of a large vine covered gazebo with guests sitting in chairs in the sun.  Three of the couple’s nephews did a cool flower pedal, sunglasses,  flipping dollar bills, high fives skit, many laughs. We moved the formals, family shots, to the shade of the island’s largest maple tree and then took the bridal party from the shade to a small bridge.  I discovered a technique to get my camera way up on a light stand and fire it remotely.  Not great enlightenment, just something I have put together before.  We continued the romantics and wedding portraits in the shade of the big gazebo, shade of the big maple tree, out in the bright sun at the edge of the pond, back into the shade of a dramatic cottonwood.

The reception started at the tent for eats, the couple then moved to the big gazebo for their first dance and back to the tent for the rest of the reception.  I got the couple out a bit too long after sunset, the light levels were really low and had to ramp up the ISO.  We shot on the dock, at the hanging swing and under a lakeside tree.

A wonderful wedding for a very happy couple.  Glad to be a part of their special day. Another example of Fine Wedding Photography.

The venue –