Clarkston Engagement Photography

Clarkston Engagement Photography in and around Depot Park.  Cathy and Ryan are getting married the summer after these engagement shots and this is part of their package.  I find the photographer and couple getting together for a shoot before the wedding helps so much on the wedding day.  I get a sense for how they are in front of the camera.  Are they some what nervous, a bit stiff, not sure what to do?  Or are they very comfortable getting their pictures taken and move well and interact with each other.  In any case I get to see how we work together.  For many people this is one of few times they work with a professional photographer.  They get to experience working with me and I get to share some of the things we will be doing on the wedding day.  For example, I will ask them to walk away from me and then towards me holding hands and talking with each other and then tell them this is one of  the situations I will ask them to on the wedding day.

Cathy and Ryan obviously care very much for each other and are naturals with each other and in front of the camera.  They are both from the Clarkston Michigan area, so they chose the downtown area for their shots.  We started at the steps and bridge behind the Mills building, went down to the creek for a bit and ended up in Depot Park.