Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photography on a summer day.  I was lucky enough to photograph this Indian wedding at Bharatiya Temple in Troy MI.  This was my first experience with a ceremony with this culture and I really enjoyed it.  If you ever get a chance, I recommend you fully participate.

The day started with the groom arriving in his car, the family gathering around him and with much celebration and activity they walked to the gate that leads to the covered path that leads to the temple.  we stopped at the gate and there was a small ceremony with family and food.  they them proceeded down the path with much celebration into the temple.

A bit later comes the bride.  There was even more celebration and activity as she was guided through the temple to the room where the ceremony was being held.  The ceremony was a wonderful event with the priest guiding the participants through many activities.  Near as I can tell just about all of the immediate family had a direct experience in the ceremony some time.  The groom’s sister was my cultural guide for the ceremony.  She kept me aware of the important and upcoming parts of the day.  My experience for wedding ceremonies has been that the photographer stays out of the way.  That is certainly not the case for these ceremonies.  The sister had me right up next to the bride and groom sticking my camera right in the mix very often.

After the ceremony we did the traditional family shots.  It must be very important for all the guests to get a shot with the bride and groom because I think I must have shot every variation of couple and family.  After the ceremony everyone went to a local restaurant for the reception and dinner.

Bharatiya Temple