Wedding ring photography

Here is a collection of wedding ring photography.  These were shot over the last couple years and I’m showing just a few examples of the many styles possible.  I typically shoot the rings after the dancing has started at the reception.  I find a surface or location that is meaningful to the couple.  Often is is the linen on the head table, a swatch of color from the day and even sometimes flowers.  Sometimes the venue has some interesting surfaces or items I can use as props to put the rings on.

I use a dedicated macro lens that almost get me close enough that the image is extremely close.  I use off camera lighting with a fill card to evenly light some of the highly reflective metal of the rings.  I choose to print my notes for the day on light blue card stack and that is my fill card.  I like the slight influence of blue in the shadow fill and reflections.  I also like to play with background lighting and reflections that go way out if focus, it really accents the sharpness and detail of the rings.

If you see me doing a ring shot at a reception please approach with caution.  The rings are often delicately balanced and the slightest bump to the table might knock the rings and I would have to reset them again.