Rob and Nick Same Sex Couple Wedding Photography

Rob and Nick got married at this same sex couple wedding photography.  It was a beautiful summer day in Ann Arbor.  We started the day at the hotel where the grooms got ready and friends came and went, getting ready and dropping off adult beverages.  We got into the limo and took a quick tour of Ann Arbor.  our first stop was at Nickels Arcade where did some of the engagement shots.  It was a bit busy with foot traffic, but people were very courteous and gave us plenty of room.  We wanted to go to the Law Quad, but is is completely tore up for major repair.  We then went through the Diag and shot at the Library and under the trees.

The ceremony and reception was at Cobblestone Farms  The ceremony was held just to the left of the barn, just short of the goats.  We had a bit more time after the ceremony for some additional wedding party shots and some additional romantics