Summer wedding photography for Dan and Lindsey

This is a post of Summer wedding photography for Dan and Lindsey.  This couple chose to have two photographers for their big day.  This is a perfect example for when to have two photographers.  The girls got ready at one location and were at the house for a while and the guys were at a hotel and we did a bit of photography there.  If there was only one photographer the couple would have gotten considerable less coverage for the pre-ceremony shots.  The couple also got the benefit of two different viewpoints for the ceremony, the bubble exit, bridal party shots and romantics.

My associate photographer Trista started at the bride’s home where there was much fun.  I started at the hotel with the guys.  the ceremony was at St Paul Lutheran Church in Northville, MI.  the church is a smallish,  lovely, traditional mid-western church.  One of the highlights before the ceremony was the bride and groom exchanging notes around a corner.  Many tears of joy.

After the ceremony we went to Plymouth Canton High School where the basketball coach opened up the gym for some hoops and pictures. I think the girls won.

Before we got the the reception, we went to the centra park in downtown Plymouth, MI.  We did some shots at the fountain, under the trees and the couple reenacted the proposal in the exact spot.  We then went to The Meeting House Grand Ballroom for the reception.  The room there is always well presented.  The hall had uplighting around the room to add to the beauty.  One of the best things I like about the room is the balcony just above the dance floor.  It allows for unique angle of dancing.  Just after sunset we went out onto the street (really just the crosswalk) for sunset street romantics.