Winter Addison Oaks wedding photography

This winter Addison Oaks wedding photography post is a wonderful example of one of the benefits of having your wedding near Christmas.  As you can see from the shots Addison Oaks in Leonard, MI the hall, rooms and exterior are beautifully decorated.

The dress shot is what photographers call a happy accident.  The dress was hanging between a couple window and I added some strobe for fill.  What I got is what I think is a very pretty image of a very pretty dress with a combination of warm tungsten light, blueish winter window light and a bit of strobe fill.  I loved it as soon as I saw it on the back of the camera.

The couple chose to do a first look, so we went under a covered area to get them out of the cold a bit.  We did it pretty quick to keep the bride as warm as possible, she did not want to wear her shawl.  We than had the guys outside because they had jackets and could take the cold a bit.  We even got a nice snow shower to add to the day.  The girls were not so keen on shooting outside so we did the bridal party shots indoors at the ceremony location.

The bride got her shawl on and we did some shots at the front entrance with holiday decorations.  It was pretty cold so we shot quickly and efficiently and then went inside.  Addison Oaks was beautifully decorated and we had a lot of choice for situations to put the bride and couple.  It was a relatively dark overcast day, so I had to use strobe as my primary and fill lighting.

A very nice day for a wonderful couple on a challenging shooting day.  They sure were troopers and I expect they will enjoy their photography as much as I did capturing it.