Day After Wedding Photography

I was able to get a fall wedding couple to do Day After Wedding Photography this winter.  It was a few months later, but still a fun day with really nice images.  The bride had not put her dress away yet and the groom had purchased his suit, so we had all the wardrobe.  We got a stylist to come to my studio and did a bit of Hollywood glamor photography before heading out to a local golf course.  We just had a good snow the days before and it was snowing a bit as we shot to add to the mood.

The couple were real troopers.  The snow was just about a foot deep and it was pretty cold and breezy.  I can’t tell from the shots that they felt uncomfortable.  If you look closely you can see they are not wearing their best dress shoes, snow boots.  Thank you to Fountains Golf Course in Clarkston, MI for permission to shoot on the grounds.  I don’t think we got in anyones way.

Day after wedding photography is a bit of a new item for couples.  I believe it came from the somewhat failed Trash the Dress idea.  I was not able to find a bride that would want to ruin the dress – yet.  Anyone?  A typical day after would be, well, the day after.  We would bring a hair and makeup stylist or not if you prefer more casual to your home or hotel, get you looking your best after a good night’s rest after an awesome party and go shoot.  A couple of the nice thing about a Day After shoot is the pressure is off to get to the venue because guests and family are waiting, we can go to more locations and the time of day, weather and lighting might be different.  All of those differences can make for an additional set of wonderful images.