Indian Springs Wedding photography

Post of  Indian Springs Wedding photography White Lake, MI.  You can see their really cool engagement here.

It was a cool/cold May day that my pal Greg married his love Michelle.  The weather was unpredictable enough that they chose to have the ceremony indoors.  Our friend Trista was the other wedding photographer and covered the girls before the ceremony, so I do not have any shots of that.

I really like Indian Springs Metropark for a lot of reasons.  I love the variety of architectural, grassy hills, water, tunnels, playground and woods.  I often do family and individual portraits here.

Greg and Michelle chose to do a first look before the ceremony out on the boardwalk overlooking the pond.  It was very sweet.  We then did some bride and groom portraits on the boardwalk and then down in the tunnel and dome under the pond.  We brought the whole wedding party in to the dome for more shots.  There is a side hallway that has very peculiar green light.  It is a challenge to get color correct shot, but fun.  We got one outdoor bridal party shot with the guys and girls because it was so cold and windy.  Trista and I then took the couple up to the crest of the hill just to the south of the hall for some big vista tree shots.

There was a ceremony, dinner, cake and dancing.  Much fun had by all. Right as the sun was setting we took the couple out to a hill looking west and I played with adding gels to my off camera flash.  The shots I’m showing are ones where I added blue to the flash and had to add warm/orange adjustments to the whole image to make the blue lit skin tones look more natural.  That made the background unnaturally orange.  Adding orange to the flash would make the background bluer.