Spring Wedding Belle Isle Casino

A post of a spring wedding Belle Isle Casino.  We had a bright, clear, crisp, mid March day a the Belle Isle Casino on, you guessed it, Belle Isle in the Detroit River, in you guessed it Detroit MI.

The bride had one of the larger rooms upstairs to get ready, where she got dressed and we did some bridal portraits.  The windows in this old building make for wonderful natural lit portraits. The stairways, interior room and wonderful exterior arches, hallway, steps and views of the city make for a wonderful venue to photograph a wedding.  Being a bit chilly outside the ceremony was held indoors.  The bride walked down the stairs and down the aisle with her Dad.  I shot a couple panoramas of the ceremony. To do a panorama with convention a DSLR, I take a series of overlapping images and the use Photoshop software to stitch the images together.  It will sometimes give a bit of a bowed look that I don;’t mind.  In tight shooting situations it is often the only way to get the shot.  It was a lovely ceremony complete with the jumping the broom tradition.

We got outside for ONE shot of the entire bridal party.  It was a bit cold and I was moving as quickly as possible.  The bride and groom toughed it out for some additional romantics.  I probably did the bridal party and romantics in 12 minutes.  I usually like to have 60 to 90 minutes, but you make do with what you have.  Having a plan and experience certainly helps and I think the couple appreciated not being outside in the cold any longer than necessary. We were able to get some nice portraits, shots of them at the arches and shots of them with the city skyline in the background.  For the dancing portion of the evening the bride changed her dress and the party got started.