Styled Wedding Shoot

This is my first attempt at a styled wedding shoot.  It was a blast and I’m really happy with the images.  The couple are good friends getting married next summer so this was a bit of practice for them. The dress was one from my stock of wedding dresses, yes I have wedding dresses.

Thanks to Packard Proving Grounds for the use of their venue.  It was a very cold day and it was nice to have someplace warm dry and interesting to shoot.

Thanks to Mary Simmons Hair and Makeup for her hair and makeup and general styling help.

Thanks to Ching Tan of Design Quintessentials for bringing some gorgeous flowers and head pieces.

A styled shoot is a chance to get wedding vendors together to make images that promote our brands and gives us a chance to experiment with products, services and images.  I sent Ching a couple images of the bride and she put together 4 different bouquets and a couple different headpieces for us to play with.  Mary did the bride’s makeup at the studio and we all traveled to the venue to shoot.  The bride’s hair was not very long and Mary was able to do a bit of an updo for a different look.  All of the help gave me the ability to shoot many images for Mary and Ching ofr them to use in their marketing efforts and to play a bit to see what they might be able to add to their wedding services.

For me it was a chance to play a bit.  I tried out some new lighting techniques, test a wedding show banner lighting idea and even go to test a Petzval lens.  The lens needs a bit more testing it is unusual and difficult to use.  I considered this as a first try at a styled shoot to see what is takes to organize and produce.  I’m planning a 3 photographer, videographer, bunch o other vendors, multi location shoot in the spring.