Elvis and Pink Cadillac Las Vegas Wedding photography

Elvis and Pink Cadillac Las Vegas Wedding photography is here.  There is nothing like having Elvis drive you into the chapel in the back seat of a pink Cadillac, dance to the stage in the middle of a smoke and lighting show, have Elvis say a little something, give you your vows and dance out of the chapel. Only in Vegas.

I went to Las Vegas for a destination wedding up in the mountains about an hour out of town and had my travel day to poke around the wedding chapels on the Las Vegas strip.  While I’m not that fond of the town I find the wedding curiously interesting.  This service happened to be on the tenth anniversary of the couples wedding.  They were surrounded by their children and other family members, who all had great fun.  Elvis spoke for a while about marriage and was humorous, on point and rather philosophical at times.  One of their daughter brought the rings up, they exchanged rings and then the groom “sang” (lipped synced) a couple songs. At the end of the ceremony everyone came outside on to tohe driveway and greeted the couple.  It was bright after being inside for so long.