Summer Engagement Photography

Another Summer Engagement Photography session.  This couple is getting married next year and we took some time this summer to shoot some engagement shots.  We shot at Indian Springs Metropark in White Lake MI, one of my favorite locations in the area as a wedding and engagement photographer.

We started at the tunnel going to the playground and then shot in the shadow of the structure.  I made sure to get a couple shots where the engagement ring was visible.  We then went to the dock on the small pond for a reflection shot.  I chose to convert it and a couple others to black and white as a different version. We next went up the hill to the top of the ridge to shoot under the couple large oak trees.  I brought off camera flash and lit the couple under the trees.  We then moved to the crest of the next ridge, put them in the middle of the weeds, brought in the off camera flash, turned it up to 11 and did some shots.  We then drove to the back end of the park and shot in on the path in the woods some.  I really enjoy this Summer Engagement Photography as it give me and the couple a session to wqork together and get to know each other a bit before the wedding.