B&W Film Wedding Photography

Back with b&w film wedding photography. I was very glad when two of my couple friends asked me to take some photos at their weddings. I was testing my not so recently used camera and my technique for an upcoming film portrait project. I decided to bring out my old Hasselblad 500 C/M (purchased from Tom Fedrigo in 1983) for some additional, different kind of images.

It was like old times. I had my light meter hanging around my neck, but didn’t really need it because of the sunny 16 rule. Not being used to the camera I had to slowdown, retrain my brain to having everything in the view finder backwards, and take care focusing with the focusing screen.

One wedding was at a family farm north of the cities where we had wide opens spaces and a barn to play with. The other wedding we shot at Scott Fountain on Belle Isle in Detroit MI.

I’m using TMY or TMX for these images and my black and white film portrait project. I shoot the film and send it off to North Coast Photo in Carlsbad CA and get processed, sleeved film with large scans in about a week.

I think these images will be a nice addition to the now traditional digital images I gave to them.