• I’m Mark Kelly. A lifetime of experience has shaped my approach to photography.
  • I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I’m old enough to know how to load and process sheet film, but I’m still young enough to keep up with high school athletes as a lacrosse referee.
  • I’ve been taking photos my entire life. Early in my career, I traveled the country and a bit of Europe as an assistant to one of the world’s best photographers, shooting automotive ads and catalogs.
  • Slept at 16,500 feet, a days walk from Everest base camp
  • Spent 3 days with the Tipiuni tribe in Amazonia
  • Was a managing partner for a commercial photograph studio
  • Proud father of a teenager and a husband of 22 years
  • Is the world’s least finicky eater, should have a badge
  • Have 3 film cameras I still use
  • Even though I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, I still cry at some first dances.

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“A picture is who you look like. A portrait is who you are.”