Hollywood Glamour Wedding photography

This is a test I did with one of this years brides trying out Hollywood Glamour wedding photography.  I was inspired by the old Hollywood portraits done by George Hurrell. It appears he used mostly direct light.  I know that some of the shots were done with a large format camera.  This was in the day before strobes were effective, so he probably used a bunch of tungsten hot lights.  It must have been an interesting set.

I did this project with H&M artist Mary Simmons, she did the hair and makeup.  I was able to get to the bride before she had her dressed cleaned and put away.  It was shot in my studio with a very simple 2 light setup.  I will continue to test with models and brides.  I think it would be a nice addition to any wedding package, to offer Hollywood glamor photography before or after the wedding.  I’m hearing that brides and couples are doing day after sessions.  Might be something to explore.

black and white wedding photography

black and white wedding photography

black and white wedding photography

black and white wedding photography

Wedding ring photography

Here is a collection of wedding ring photography.  These were shot over the last couple years and I’m showing just a few examples of the many styles possible.  I typically shoot the rings after the dancing has started at the reception.  I find a surface or location that is meaningful to the couple.  Often is is the linen on the head table, a swatch of color from the day and even sometimes flowers.  Sometimes the venue has some interesting surfaces or items I can use as props to put the rings on.

I use a dedicated macro lens that almost get me close enough that the image is extremely close.  I use off camera lighting with a fill card to evenly light some of the highly reflective metal of the rings.  I choose to print my notes for the day on light blue card stack and that is my fill card.  I like the slight influence of blue in the shadow fill and reflections.  I also like to play with background lighting and reflections that go way out if focus, it really accents the sharpness and detail of the rings.

If you see me doing a ring shot at a reception please approach with caution.  The rings are often delicately balanced and the slightest bump to the table might knock the rings and I would have to reset them again.

Royal Park wedding reception

Royal Park wedding reception.  Shots from a late winter reception at Rochester MI Royal Park Hotel.  The hotel is a fantastic venue for weddings and receptions.  We were there in late winter when the sky were dark and gloomy, the air was chilly and there was not any foliage yet.  The grounds outside the hotel have many great spots to photograph the bridal party and couple.  we chose the bridge to town for bridal party shots and using the building as a backdrop.  The interior has many interesting places also.  We used the hallways  just outside the main halls.  The hotel also has a well appointed library near the front where we photographed the bride and group shots.

Royal Park Hotel  website

Grand Blanc MI Wedding Photography

Grand Blanc MI wedding Photography at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church.  We started our day at the church where I shot the girls doing their pre-ceremony thing.  We had enough time to get outside for some bridal portraits and then get the bride back in before guest started arriving.  We then got the guys out for their shots with the groom who is active Army.  

The ceremony was wonderful and the interior of the church is clean and modern.  After the family formals we got the bridal party out back of the church for some fun bridal party shots.

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church

Ann Arbor Wedding Photography

Ann Arbor Wedding Photography on a summer day.  This wedding started at Bethlehem Church of Christ in downtown Ann Arbor.  The Groom and groomsmen and Bride and bridesmaids all got ready at the church.  I had time to do individual portrait of each member of the bridal party and then some group shots outside.  The ceremony was very nice and the interior of the church is beautiful.  We stayed after and shot family formals and bridal party inside the church and then went outside for more bridal party and romantics of the bride and groom.

We then left for Shriners Silver Garden Event Center in Southfield, MI for the reception.  The bride and groom had their table on the stage and the rest of the party and guests were seated at tables on the main floor.  We later made time for some more bridal portraits before dinner.

Bethlehem Church of Christ downtown Ann Arbor

Shriners Silver Garden Event Center

Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photography on a summer day.  I was lucky enough to photograph this Indian wedding at Bharatiya Temple in Troy MI.  This was my first experience with a ceremony with this culture and I really enjoyed it.  If you ever get a chance, I recommend you fully participate.

The day started with the groom arriving in his car, the family gathering around him and with much celebration and activity they walked to the gate that leads to the covered path that leads to the temple.  we stopped at the gate and there was a small ceremony with family and food.  they them proceeded down the path with much celebration into the temple.

A bit later comes the bride.  There was even more celebration and activity as she was guided through the temple to the room where the ceremony was being held.  The ceremony was a wonderful event with the priest guiding the participants through many activities.  Near as I can tell just about all of the immediate family had a direct experience in the ceremony some time.  The groom’s sister was my cultural guide for the ceremony.  She kept me aware of the important and upcoming parts of the day.  My experience for wedding ceremonies has been that the photographer stays out of the way.  That is certainly not the case for these ceremonies.  The sister had me right up next to the bride and groom sticking my camera right in the mix very often.

After the ceremony we did the traditional family shots.  It must be very important for all the guests to get a shot with the bride and groom because I think I must have shot every variation of couple and family.  After the ceremony everyone went to a local restaurant for the reception and dinner.

Bharatiya Temple


Lakefront Wedding Photography

Lakefront Wedding Photography on a beautiful summer day in a backyard on Upper Straights Lake in West Bloomfield, MI.  This is a very small family only wedding on a great summer day.  The wedding was attended by the couple, very close family, the preacher, me and a couple pets.  I had a bit of time for bridal portraits, shots of the groom, family groups and some details.  The ceremony was very nice and the groom even sang a couple songs to his bride.  After the ceremony we did a few more family shots and took the couple on to the dock for some very bright, straight up sun bridal pictures.  We all had a drink and the family went to a local restaurant to finish the celebration

Detroit Engagement Photography

Detroit Engagement Photography at George George Park and downtown Mount Clemens.  This couple is next married next summer and we did their engagement pictures close to home in and around Mount Clemens, MI.  We started at George George Park in the back on the walkway over the wetlands and moved towards the entrance shooting as we went.  We ended up at the fountain at the entrance.  The groom has a Harley, so we did some car to car, well minivan to motorcycle, and ended up in front of the post office