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Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

A tour of Las Vegas Wedding Chapels. I was in Las Vegas Nevada a while ago.  I landed early on Friday and had to get up in to the mountains Friday evening for a Saturday destination wedding.  I’m intrigued by the variety of the chapels on the Strip. I must have see over a dozen pink Cadillacs in just the few hours I was on the strip.  A hand full of chapels had drive up weddings.  I don’t know if it really works or not, but it looked legit.  Some of the venues were large structures with what seemed to be a variety of additions.  Other venues were little more than storefronts.


Wedding Las Vegas Style

Wedding Las Vegas Style!  Some shots of a couple I ran across while shooting wedding chapels in Las Vegas Nevada.  This was not really a wedding, but a renewal of their vows.  I was is Las Vegas on a Friday for a Saturday destination wedding up in the mountains.  I drove up and down the strip photographing the stereotypical wedding chapels.  I stopped at A Little White Wedding Chapel, got permission from the owner and asked if I could photograph the couple.  They were very kind to allow me to photograph them.

Destination Wedding Photography in the mountains

Some Destination Wedding Photography in the mountains.  The ceremony and reception venue was Mt. Charleston Lodge with a mailing address of Las Vegas.  Everyone stayed lower on the mountain at The Resort on Mount Charleston.  The Lodge is most of an hour drive north and west of Vegas.  The terrain obviously changes as the road rises to 7500 feet and it took me a while to realize we were at altitude with being out of breath after going up and down a few flights of stairs.

This is the second wedding for both the bride and groom and they were both very relaxed and easy to work with.  The bride has a very organized daughter that took care of most of the scheduling, timing changes and details.

It was a pretty simple day. I started in the bride’s room where the girls got ready with hair and makeup from a team from Las Vegas. It was a very relaxed time with a bit of bubbly flowing.  The guys were ready well in advance and spent time in the lobby waiting for the day to start.  I went outside into the glaring mountain sunshine a photographed the groom, best man and other groomsmen.  We next had the bride come out for the first look, some tears.  I next photographed the bride with her maid of honor and other bridesmaids, the couple with mountain backdrop and the wedding party.

The wedding party and guests went up the mountain a bit to the ceremony and reception site.  The ceremony was lovely and the reception was a very casual, good food, many friends and family and even some dancing.  We were able to get out a bit after sunset for an epic shot of the couple with a late sunset mountains background.

I love traveling for Destination Wedding Photography.  Go to beautiful places and photograph people wearing their best, having a good time.

Las Vegas wedding photography

This is another example of Las Vegas wedding photography I did on a recent trip to Nevada.  The Elvis wedding was at noon, I heard (it had been a long day already) 2pm, so I showed up at 2.  I guess that is why Elvis was standing at the back, he must have just finished the noon wedding.  I assumed his pink Cadillac was parked outside.

This was a more conventional wedding complete with a regular pastor and all.  He gave a somewhat religious ceremony and I think everyone enjoyed it.  The bride’s brother walked the bride down the aisle in a small chapel on the strip with just a couple rows of pews.

There are dozens of wedding chapel on and just off the strip in Las Vegas.  What I saw was the majority of couples were renewing their vows.  I suppose a Las Vegas wedding is one version of a destination wedding.


Elvis and Pink Cadillac Las Vegas Wedding photography

Elvis and Pink Cadillac Las Vegas Wedding photography is here.  There is nothing like having Elvis drive you into the chapel in the back seat of a pink Cadillac, dance to the stage in the middle of a smoke and lighting show, have Elvis say a little something, give you your vows and dance out of the chapel. Only in Vegas.

I went to Las Vegas for a destination wedding up in the mountains about an hour out of town and had my travel day to poke around the wedding chapels on the Las Vegas strip.  While I’m not that fond of the town I find the wedding curiously interesting.  This service happened to be on the tenth anniversary of the couples wedding.  They were surrounded by their children and other family members, who all had great fun.  Elvis spoke for a while about marriage and was humorous, on point and rather philosophical at times.  One of their daughter brought the rings up, they exchanged rings and then the groom “sang” (lipped synced) a couple songs. At the end of the ceremony everyone came outside on to tohe driveway and greeted the couple.  It was bright after being inside for so long.