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Summer Engagement Photography

Another Summer Engagement Photography session.  This couple is getting married next year and we took some time this summer to shoot some engagement shots.  We shot at Indian Springs Metropark in White Lake MI, one of my favorite locations in the area as a wedding and engagement photographer.

We started at the tunnel going to the playground and then shot in the shadow of the structure.  I made sure to get a couple shots where the engagement ring was visible.  We then went to the dock on the small pond for a reflection shot.  I chose to convert it and a couple others to black and white as a different version. We next went up the hill to the top of the ridge to shoot under the couple large oak trees.  I brought off camera flash and lit the couple under the trees.  We then moved to the crest of the next ridge, put them in the middle of the weeds, brought in the off camera flash, turned it up to 11 and did some shots.  We then drove to the back end of the park and shot in on the path in the woods some.  I really enjoy this Summer Engagement Photography as it give me and the couple a session to wqork together and get to know each other a bit before the wedding.

Belle Isle engagement photography

A mid fall session of Belle Isle engagement photography.  This couple got engaged on Belle Isle, Detroit, MI  and wanted to honor that occasion by doing their engagement shots at the same place.  We started at the Casino.  I really like the arches and banisters, it is such a grand building with great color.  We did some fun shots of them sitting on steps and on benches in front of the Casino.  I even did a shallow depth of field vertical panorama composite for fun.  It is quite striking.

For more Belle Isle engagement photography we then moved to Scott Fountain to shoot where the actual proposal happened.  The fountain had just been shut off for the season a few days before, but we still got some nice images.  The sun was really low in the sky and it made for some nice direct lit portraits.  We then went to the Detroit side of the island and used the Detroit skyline and the Belle Isle Bridge as backdrops.  They brought out the flag of the college they went to, Olivet, and used it as a wrap.

Fall Engagement photography

Some fall engagement photography for your viewing pleasure.  This is a couple working towards finishing up school and plan to get married in summer of 2020

We started our session at Independence Oaks in Clarkston MI.  The fall colors were about at the peak for this year so I had them walk under a few trees, go out on the dock and sit under the gazebo.  The obviously care deeply for each other and don’t mind PDA.  we later went to another area of the park where there is a covered path and long bridge.  We later went to one of the family’s icon fall dirt road spots and shot the couple some.


They each had a couple changes of clothes to switch things up a bit.  All good.

I’m really happy and I know the couple is really happy with the results.  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in a couple years.

Detroit Engagement Photography

Detroit Engagement Photography at George George Park and downtown Mount Clemens.  This couple is next married next summer and we did their engagement pictures close to home in and around Mount Clemens, MI.  We started at George George Park in the back on the walkway over the wetlands and moved towards the entrance shooting as we went.  We ended up at the fountain at the entrance.  The groom has a Harley, so we did some car to car, well minivan to motorcycle, and ended up in front of the post office




Clarkston Engagement Photography

Clarkston Engagement Photography in and around Depot Park.  Cathy and Ryan are getting married the summer after these engagement shots and this is part of their package.  I find the photographer and couple getting together for a shoot before the wedding helps so much on the wedding day.  I get a sense for how they are in front of the camera.  Are they some what nervous, a bit stiff, not sure what to do?  Or are they very comfortable getting their pictures taken and move well and interact with each other.  In any case I get to see how we work together.  For many people this is one of few times they work with a professional photographer.  They get to experience working with me and I get to share some of the things we will be doing on the wedding day.  For example, I will ask them to walk away from me and then towards me holding hands and talking with each other and then tell them this is one of  the situations I will ask them to on the wedding day.

Cathy and Ryan obviously care very much for each other and are naturals with each other and in front of the camera.  They are both from the Clarkston Michigan area, so they chose the downtown area for their shots.  We started at the steps and bridge behind the Mills building, went down to the creek for a bit and ended up in Depot Park.

Belle Isle Engagement photography

Belle Isle Engagement photography on a summer day.  Lindsey and Dan are getting married in the summer of 2017 and their wedding photography package with me includes engagement photographs.  As with all my packages, they get all the useable images with unlimited reproduction rights within two weeks of the shoot.  Don’t tell the couple, because it is a secret, but I bring a welcome book to the reception made of images from the engagement shoot.  I call it a Well Wishing Book where most of the page space is white for people to write nice things about the couple as they come into the reception.

We met at the Casino on Belle Isle for some simple portraits on the step and in the garden.   We later went to Scott Fountain and had downtown Detroit in the background.  They met at Olivet College and wanted to use the flag in some shots.  We went to the north side of the island and had downtown and The Belle Isle Bridge in the background.


Ann Arbor Engagement photography

Ann Arbor engagement photography on a bright fall weekend. We started with a wonderful breakfast where I had some wonderful eggs Benedict, but that is not part of the story.  The couple met at U of M where they both went to school.  We started in front of the Union where they both warmed up to getting their portraits taken and they got comfortable with me.  We moved on to a piece of sculpture I was not previously familiar with, the spinning Cube and the couple payed around there a bit.  We then went of the U of M Law Quad where there is a whole variety of great locations to shoot.  We then went to Angel Hall where the couple hung out in front of the majestic pillars.  We finished the day at Nichols Arboretum.

Same-sex engagement photography in Ann Arbor

Rob and Nick were in town this weekend and I was able to meet them in Ann Arbor, MI to photograph them for their same-sex engagement photographs.  We walked around downtown and then drove out to the stadium.  It was a joy to photograph two people that obviously care for each other as much as these two.

As we walked, we discussed the upcoming ceremony and reception at Cobblestone Farm in Ann Arbor coming up this summer.  It was a great time to review the timing of the day and discuss the day in general.  We found out that their plans for the day gave us plenty of time for all the elements I need to get them great photos.  Engagement sessions are also nice to let the couple work together some to make the shooting on the day better.

Greg proposes to Michelle – Marriage Proposal photography and video

My pal Greg proposed to his now finance Michelle a bit ago. He had it all planned. Set up dinner in one of the back rooms at The Woodshed in Clarkston, MI. He had the room reserved for “his birthday party” about an hour after the proposal. I went to the bar the day before and planned where to hide the camera with the very helpful staff. I got there an hour or so before the couple and the placement we had for the camera didn’t make any sense. We came with the idea to hide it behind one of the big screens with some Rube Goldberg rigging.



The couple came in, the curtains were closed, I came out from hiding and could see just a bit into the room through split in the curtains. Greg gave me the high sign, I started click with the radio remote.

She said YES!