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B&W Film Wedding Photography

Back with b&w film wedding photography. I was very glad when two of my couple friends asked me to take some photos at their weddings. I was testing my not so recently used camera and my technique for an upcoming film portrait project. I decided to bring out my old Hasselblad 500 C/M (purchased from Tom Fedrigo in 1983) for some additional, different kind of images.

It was like old times. I had my light meter hanging around my neck, but didn’t really need it because of the sunny 16 rule. Not being used to the camera I had to slowdown, retrain my brain to having everything in the view finder backwards, and take care focusing with the focusing screen.

One wedding was at a family farm north of the cities where we had wide opens spaces and a barn to play with. The other wedding we shot at Scott Fountain on Belle Isle in Detroit MI.

I’m using TMY or TMX for these images and my black and white film portrait project. I shoot the film and send it off to North Coast Photo in Carlsbad CA and get processed, sleeved film with large scans in about a week.

I think these images will be a nice addition to the now traditional digital images I gave to them.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

A tour of Las Vegas Wedding Chapels. I was in Las Vegas Nevada a while ago.  I landed early on Friday and had to get up in to the mountains Friday evening for a Saturday destination wedding.  I’m intrigued by the variety of the chapels on the Strip. I must have see over a dozen pink Cadillacs in just the few hours I was on the strip.  A hand full of chapels had drive up weddings.  I don’t know if it really works or not, but it looked legit.  Some of the venues were large structures with what seemed to be a variety of additions.  Other venues were little more than storefronts.


Wedding Las Vegas Style

Wedding Las Vegas Style!  Some shots of a couple I ran across while shooting wedding chapels in Las Vegas Nevada.  This was not really a wedding, but a renewal of their vows.  I was is Las Vegas on a Friday for a Saturday destination wedding up in the mountains.  I drove up and down the strip photographing the stereotypical wedding chapels.  I stopped at A Little White Wedding Chapel, got permission from the owner and asked if I could photograph the couple.  They were very kind to allow me to photograph them.

Destination Wedding Photography in the mountains

Some Destination Wedding Photography in the mountains.  The ceremony and reception venue was Mt. Charleston Lodge with a mailing address of Las Vegas.  Everyone stayed lower on the mountain at The Resort on Mount Charleston.  The Lodge is most of an hour drive north and west of Vegas.  The terrain obviously changes as the road rises to 7500 feet and it took me a while to realize we were at altitude with being out of breath after going up and down a few flights of stairs.

This is the second wedding for both the bride and groom and they were both very relaxed and easy to work with.  The bride has a very organized daughter that took care of most of the scheduling, timing changes and details.

It was a pretty simple day. I started in the bride’s room where the girls got ready with hair and makeup from a team from Las Vegas. It was a very relaxed time with a bit of bubbly flowing.  The guys were ready well in advance and spent time in the lobby waiting for the day to start.  I went outside into the glaring mountain sunshine a photographed the groom, best man and other groomsmen.  We next had the bride come out for the first look, some tears.  I next photographed the bride with her maid of honor and other bridesmaids, the couple with mountain backdrop and the wedding party.

The wedding party and guests went up the mountain a bit to the ceremony and reception site.  The ceremony was lovely and the reception was a very casual, good food, many friends and family and even some dancing.  We were able to get out a bit after sunset for an epic shot of the couple with a late sunset mountains background.

I love traveling for Destination Wedding Photography.  Go to beautiful places and photograph people wearing their best, having a good time.

Las Vegas wedding photography

This is another example of Las Vegas wedding photography I did on a recent trip to Nevada.  The Elvis wedding was at noon, I heard (it had been a long day already) 2pm, so I showed up at 2.  I guess that is why Elvis was standing at the back, he must have just finished the noon wedding.  I assumed his pink Cadillac was parked outside.

This was a more conventional wedding complete with a regular pastor and all.  He gave a somewhat religious ceremony and I think everyone enjoyed it.  The bride’s brother walked the bride down the aisle in a small chapel on the strip with just a couple rows of pews.

There are dozens of wedding chapel on and just off the strip in Las Vegas.  What I saw was the majority of couples were renewing their vows.  I suppose a Las Vegas wedding is one version of a destination wedding.


Elvis and Pink Cadillac Las Vegas Wedding photography

Elvis and Pink Cadillac Las Vegas Wedding photography is here.  There is nothing like having Elvis drive you into the chapel in the back seat of a pink Cadillac, dance to the stage in the middle of a smoke and lighting show, have Elvis say a little something, give you your vows and dance out of the chapel. Only in Vegas.

I went to Las Vegas for a destination wedding up in the mountains about an hour out of town and had my travel day to poke around the wedding chapels on the Las Vegas strip.  While I’m not that fond of the town I find the wedding curiously interesting.  This service happened to be on the tenth anniversary of the couples wedding.  They were surrounded by their children and other family members, who all had great fun.  Elvis spoke for a while about marriage and was humorous, on point and rather philosophical at times.  One of their daughter brought the rings up, they exchanged rings and then the groom “sang” (lipped synced) a couple songs. At the end of the ceremony everyone came outside on to tohe driveway and greeted the couple.  It was bright after being inside for so long.

Spring Wedding Belle Isle Casino

A post of a spring wedding Belle Isle Casino.  We had a bright, clear, crisp, mid March day a the Belle Isle Casino on, you guessed it, Belle Isle in the Detroit River, in you guessed it Detroit MI.

The bride had one of the larger rooms upstairs to get ready, where she got dressed and we did some bridal portraits.  The windows in this old building make for wonderful natural lit portraits. The stairways, interior room and wonderful exterior arches, hallway, steps and views of the city make for a wonderful venue to photograph a wedding.  Being a bit chilly outside the ceremony was held indoors.  The bride walked down the stairs and down the aisle with her Dad.  I shot a couple panoramas of the ceremony. To do a panorama with convention a DSLR, I take a series of overlapping images and the use Photoshop software to stitch the images together.  It will sometimes give a bit of a bowed look that I don;’t mind.  In tight shooting situations it is often the only way to get the shot.  It was a lovely ceremony complete with the jumping the broom tradition.

We got outside for ONE shot of the entire bridal party.  It was a bit cold and I was moving as quickly as possible.  The bride and groom toughed it out for some additional romantics.  I probably did the bridal party and romantics in 12 minutes.  I usually like to have 60 to 90 minutes, but you make do with what you have.  Having a plan and experience certainly helps and I think the couple appreciated not being outside in the cold any longer than necessary. We were able to get some nice portraits, shots of them at the arches and shots of them with the city skyline in the background.  For the dancing portion of the evening the bride changed her dress and the party got started.

Indian Springs Wedding photography

Post of  Indian Springs Wedding photography White Lake, MI.  You can see their really cool engagement here.

It was a cool/cold May day that my pal Greg married his love Michelle.  The weather was unpredictable enough that they chose to have the ceremony indoors.  Our friend Trista was the other wedding photographer and covered the girls before the ceremony, so I do not have any shots of that.

I really like Indian Springs Metropark for a lot of reasons.  I love the variety of architectural, grassy hills, water, tunnels, playground and woods.  I often do family and individual portraits here.

Greg and Michelle chose to do a first look before the ceremony out on the boardwalk overlooking the pond.  It was very sweet.  We then did some bride and groom portraits on the boardwalk and then down in the tunnel and dome under the pond.  We brought the whole wedding party in to the dome for more shots.  There is a side hallway that has very peculiar green light.  It is a challenge to get color correct shot, but fun.  We got one outdoor bridal party shot with the guys and girls because it was so cold and windy.  Trista and I then took the couple up to the crest of the hill just to the south of the hall for some big vista tree shots.

There was a ceremony, dinner, cake and dancing.  Much fun had by all. Right as the sun was setting we took the couple out to a hill looking west and I played with adding gels to my off camera flash.  The shots I’m showing are ones where I added blue to the flash and had to add warm/orange adjustments to the whole image to make the blue lit skin tones look more natural.  That made the background unnaturally orange.  Adding orange to the flash would make the background bluer.

Summer wedding photography for Dan and Lindsey

This is a post of Summer wedding photography for Dan and Lindsey.  This couple chose to have two photographers for their big day.  This is a perfect example for when to have two photographers.  The girls got ready at one location and were at the house for a while and the guys were at a hotel and we did a bit of photography there.  If there was only one photographer the couple would have gotten considerable less coverage for the pre-ceremony shots.  The couple also got the benefit of two different viewpoints for the ceremony, the bubble exit, bridal party shots and romantics.

My associate photographer Trista started at the bride’s home where there was much fun.  I started at the hotel with the guys.  the ceremony was at St Paul Lutheran Church in Northville, MI.  the church is a smallish,  lovely, traditional mid-western church.  One of the highlights before the ceremony was the bride and groom exchanging notes around a corner.  Many tears of joy.

After the ceremony we went to Plymouth Canton High School where the basketball coach opened up the gym for some hoops and pictures. I think the girls won.

Before we got the the reception, we went to the centra park in downtown Plymouth, MI.  We did some shots at the fountain, under the trees and the couple reenacted the proposal in the exact spot.  We then went to The Meeting House Grand Ballroom for the reception.  The room there is always well presented.  The hall had uplighting around the room to add to the beauty.  One of the best things I like about the room is the balcony just above the dance floor.  It allows for unique angle of dancing.  Just after sunset we went out onto the street (really just the crosswalk) for sunset street romantics.

Winter Addison Oaks wedding photography

This winter Addison Oaks wedding photography post is a wonderful example of one of the benefits of having your wedding near Christmas.  As you can see from the shots Addison Oaks in Leonard, MI the hall, rooms and exterior are beautifully decorated.

The dress shot is what photographers call a happy accident.  The dress was hanging between a couple window and I added some strobe for fill.  What I got is what I think is a very pretty image of a very pretty dress with a combination of warm tungsten light, blueish winter window light and a bit of strobe fill.  I loved it as soon as I saw it on the back of the camera.

The couple chose to do a first look, so we went under a covered area to get them out of the cold a bit.  We did it pretty quick to keep the bride as warm as possible, she did not want to wear her shawl.  We than had the guys outside because they had jackets and could take the cold a bit.  We even got a nice snow shower to add to the day.  The girls were not so keen on shooting outside so we did the bridal party shots indoors at the ceremony location.

The bride got her shawl on and we did some shots at the front entrance with holiday decorations.  It was pretty cold so we shot quickly and efficiently and then went inside.  Addison Oaks was beautifully decorated and we had a lot of choice for situations to put the bride and couple.  It was a relatively dark overcast day, so I had to use strobe as my primary and fill lighting.

A very nice day for a wonderful couple on a challenging shooting day.  They sure were troopers and I expect they will enjoy their photography as much as I did capturing it.